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About End CCP Petition Promotion

Please visit this page. If you lost the link of this page. Please contact us:


We will also update all future materials in this page

When putting posters private property or store front, please make sure to get permission from property owner.

a. You can choose to input the names and emails manually on the endccp.com website.

b. If there are too many signed papers, you can choose to scan them, upload them to our website with a total signer number. With this method, you won’t have to type the signatures one by one, only submit a total number and upload the scanned files will be acceptable.

Please contact us, and we will create an online accout for you to upload files: 


This method works well for long term, team collaboration.

Please note:

1. Keep the signed petition papers in a safe place as an important evidence.

2. You can only choose to use one method, either manual type in, or upload scanned files. DO NOT type in partially and upload the same scanned file.

Submit a request here:
Our designer will work with you and provide a new file with your language.
Please feel free to contact us using the endccp website contact form anytime.

Translation Template

Here is a good example of how to provide translations for Promotional Resources. Please put English on the left, and corresponding translation on the right. You can use google doc, Send your translation(Shareable link) to [email protected]