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END CCP Petition Promotion

Offline Promotion Guideline

  • Please get permission from property owner when putting posters on private property or store front.
  • Please do NOT put promotional material in mailboxes which marked with “NO JUNK MAIL”,  “NO UNSOLICITED MAIL”, “NO ADVERTISING MATERIAL”.



  • 张贴海报时,请先寻求店主或场地负责人的许可。
  • 投放传单时,请不要投放到标记有”NO JUNK MAIL”,  “NO UNSOLICITED MAIL”, “NO ADVERTISING MATERIAL” 字样的,不接受广告的邮筒里。

Translation Template

Here is a good example of how to provide translations for Promotional Resources. Please put English on the left, and corresponding translation on the right. You can use google doc, Send your translation(Shareable link) to [email protected]

Petition Forms V2 Download

Petition Forms V1 Download

Promotional Files Download

* Please be aware: We may update promotional files in the future.

Version 2 - "End the Evil CCP"

Version 1- "Eliminate the Demon CCP"

Other Promotional Files Download

* Materials made by volunteers around the world.