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This pandemic could have been prevented if the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) did not lie. Yet, ever since it took over China, hundreds of millions of people have been suffering from its endless deceptions and brutality. The demon CCP has plundered the ancient land of China, and now its terror has spread globally, affecting everyone. It is time for all of us to reject its evil work and put an end to the Chinese Communist Party!



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Coronavirus (CCP Virus)

CCP Lies, People Die

Jan 2020

From “controllable” to “inter-human transmission,” it took months for the CCP propaganda machine to change its narrative and admit the seriousness of COVID-19 (CCP Virus) to the world. This was too little, too late. The initial cover-up has led to a global pandemic, with a death toll exceeding that of WW1, and counting.

The Great Lockdown - Rescue or Savagery?​

Jan 2020

Countless humanitarian tragedies have happened in China due to forcible quarantine methods. Families were dragged from their homes to poorly sanitized isolation centers, doors were welded by the police with infected families still living inside, and Chinese citizens were left wondering: which is more dangerous? The virus, or the CCP?​

Global Outbreak

as of Jun 13th, 2020

Over 7 million confirmed cases, and more than 400 thousand people have died globally due to the CCP Virus. And we are warned that a second wave is yet to come. All this could have been prevented if the CCP did not lie. Will they ever stop lying? Or should we stop trusting?​

Second Wave in Beijing

June 2020

Didn’t the CCP just brag about how they have conquered the CCP Virus successfully and scientifically with their “advanced” communist methodology? Now, Beijing is starting to show signs of a second wave. It is likely to become another Wuhan. Yet, as independent reporters and whistleblowers are being punished and silenced, it is almost guaranteed that the outside world won’t hear much about the real situation.

Hong Kong

The End of "One Country, Two Systems"

Jun 2020

The CCP promised Hong Kong would enjoy 50 years of autonomy after its handover by the United Kingdom in 1997. History shows it never intended to keep its promise. Now, the CCP passed the “National Security Law” which bans “treason, secession, sedition, and subversion” in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is likely to become another province of the regime. However, Hong Kong people will not easily give up their freedom. Throughout the years they have pushed back against the CCP’s influence with courageous and peaceful protests.

Protests Against the Extradition Bill

Mar 2019

If the bill passes, the CCP can arrest anyone in Hong Kong arbitrarily. As a result, Hong Kongers have been guarding their freedom with their lives, while suffering death and injury from police brutality.

Umbrella Movement

Sep 2014

Democracy isn’t real when the Chief Executive of Hong Kong is merely a puppet of the CCP. Therefore, the fearless Hong Kong people occupied the streets for 79 days while demanding transparent elections. What they received in return is pepper spray from the police. Without any means of self-defense, they carried umbrellas and continued their protests.

July 1st Parade

July 1st, 2003

A massive outpouring of people on the streets of Hong Kong pushed back against “Article 23” legislation, a CCP-induced change to the Hong Kong Basic Law. Nearly half a million people from all walks of life protested against this evil law, which would take away their basic human rights if passed.

Global Infiltration

CCP Imperialism

Sep 2013

Under the guise of assisting 68 countries to build transportation infrastructure (“Belt and Road Initiative”), the CCP plans to put all of them in debt, while taking their resources, such as rare earth metals, minerals, etc., as collateral. Through imposing “imperialism with Chinese characteristics,” it is desirous of regional and global leadership.

Huawei and 5G

5G is more than a super-fast mobile broadband. If Huawei becomes the provider, it will give an easy way for the CCP to monitor everyone’s online activities. This means that “big brother” will be watching us on a whole new level.

Confucius Institute or Party School?​


No, it is not about teaching the traditional wisdom of Confucius. Instead, it’s teaching Chinese language to foreign students mixed with CCP propaganda. As of 2019, there were 530 Confucius Institutes in dozens of countries on six continents, and the CCP aims to establish 1,000 Confucius Institutes by 2020. Fortunately, the Western world has come to realize what’s happening, and is pushing back.

Overseas Censorship and Propaganda

Hollywood, the sports industry, mainstream media, and politicians … we have been watching them bow down, again and again, to self-censor their narrative in favor of Beijing. This is conscience corrupted by the devil.

Thousand Talents Program

The CCP has been stealing intellectual property for over 20 years to advance its military and economic strength. The Thousand Talents Program lures and encourages overseas scholars to engage in economic espionage and theft of intellectual property. One scholar, for example, was found to have downloaded 300,000 documents from a lab before returning to China. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Religious Persecution

Persecution of Falun Gong

1999 – now

Falun Gong, also known as Falun Dafa, is a peaceful spiritual practice based on the principles of “Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance.” Due to its effectiveness in healing mind and body, by 1999 about 100 million people had joined the meditation practice in China. Fearing its popularity, the CCP deemed it a threat, and former Chairman Jiang Zemin single-handedly launched a campaign to eradicate Falun Gong. Millions of practitioners fell victim to kidnapping, torture, murder, and even live organ harvesting. The persecution is still ongoing today.

Forced Live Organ Harvesting

2000 – now

In the manner of “killing two birds with one stone,” the CCP conducts live organ harvesting as a way to eliminate those they dislike, while also making a lucrative business of organ transplant tourism. The victims are mostly Falun Gong practitioners, who are generally healthy due to their meditation practice. Political dissidents, and other citizens, could become victims too. It is estimated that since 2000, over one million murderous organ transplants have taken place in China.

Atheist and Anti-Religion

Communism is based on atheism. It tells people not to believe in God, and attacks human morality. Throughout its rule the CCP has destroyed and controlled countless monasteries and temples, and arrested believers of all religions—Christians, Catholics, Muslims, Buddhists, and others. Eventually the CCP wants its people to worship itself as the one and only idol. Truly a cult-like regime.

Terror & Blood

Youngsters of the Red Guard cut the hair of an official during the Cultural Revolution. © Kyodo

Cultural Revolution

1966 – 1976

Imagine an entire nation becoming fanatic followers of Mao’s communist ideology. Mao’s Red Guards were indoctrinated with a mission of “destroy the old world” and “establish a new world.” With such “noble” ambitions in mind, these followers would execute, torture, and publicly shame the “enemies of communism,” who could be their neighbors, once beloved teachers, or even parents. This 10-year movement affected hundreds of millions of people, and millions of lives were lost. But the damage wasn’t limited to the killing of physical lives; by violently breaking apart traditional Chinese moral standards, it tore the soul of the nation and destoryed its 5,000 years of splendid culture.

One Child Policy

1979 – 2004

The CCP controls every aspect of life, including population. Four hundred million births were “prevented.” In other words, killed before they were born. Couples face punishment and fines if they give birth to more than one child. Numerous women were forced to abort, and countless babies were killed before – and in some cases even right after – they were born.

Tiananmen Square Massacre


When it comes to the 80s, it always brings a sense of nostalgia. With a cool breeze of freedom to speak about politics, and a tide of blossoming Western pop culture, college students were romanticizing about a silver lining. They thought that the Communist Party was showing signs of becoming more open, and less corrupt. With no intention to bring down the CCP, the students went to Tiananmen Square peacefully, holding democracy banners with heartfelt hope. In return they were welcomed with troops, tanks, and guns, crushing the young lives and staining the square with blood. Sadly, the CCP’s violence also crushed their young hopes. CCP has demonstrated that its recent opening up of China was under one strict condition: not the mind, but only the economy.

Awakening and Hope

People have quit the party and its affiliated associations

Throughout the decades, a large percentage of Chinese people were fooled or forced into joining the CCP and its affiliated organizations. In the Quitting CCP (TuiDang) Movement, Chinese people are waking up from the lies. They are making statements to quit the communist party.

And now it is time for all of us to make a collective voice:

Eliminate the Demon CCP







支持:消除恶魔中国共产党 从地球上清除这个邪党魔教


It is time for all of us to reject its evil work and put an end to the Chinese Communist Party!

ĐCSTQ đã đến thời điểm kết thúc.

Communism has NEVER been anything but horrible. The lies , aiming for ‘world conquest’…which would actually be world destruction has always been it’s aim and it uses vile means to try to accomplish this

Please end CCP ASAP!!!

ĐCSTQ là Ác quỷ Satan tại thế gian. Nó phạm quá nhiều tội ác chống lại loài người trong suốt lịch sử tồn tại của nó. Tôi muốn góp một tiếng nói để kết thúc nó.


“Chinese Communist Party is the biggest threat to humanity. It will never stop lying and killing.”